Justin Burruss
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Why juztin.com?

My first personal site had both "San Diego" and "programmer" in the domain name with my last name as the local part my email address. I thought it was fine, but I had no end of complaints about length and spelling ("how do spell programmer?", "how do I spell Burruss?", "why does it have to be so many letters?"), so when I moved away from San Diego I replaced the increasingly inaccurately named domain with the much shorter juztin.com and the local part of my email address with my first initial. Inspiration for the single initial approach came from Marin Greenwald's single initial email address (the first initial of his last name in his case).

How was the site created?

The pages are all hand-coded HTML5 with CSS. This last go-round I mostly used Notepad++, but earlier versions were written with Emacs. My very first personal site was written using vi.

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