Justin Burruss
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Signals and Software

My first programming job was with General Instrument on the firmware team developing the first generation of DOCSIS 1.0 (and later 1.1) cable modems. It was a great job for getting into the details of networking, from the top of the protocol stack all the way down into the signals. After the purchase of General Instrument by Motorola I "changed generals" to work for General Atomics in the Theory and Computational Science group. Once again signals were central to the job, this time in the form of the many DIII-D diagnostics.

2004-2006 Software Developer III, General Atomics

2001-2004 Software Developer II, General Atomics

2000-2001 Programmer/Analyst II, General Atomics

1999 Programmer Intern, General Atomics

1998-1999 Programmer Intern, General Instrument